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Azan is a 6-week Bible study written to revitalize the church in the area of hearing and obeying God’s voice in our everyday lives.

The word “azan” comes from 1 Samuel 3:10 when Samuel says, “Speak, Lord, for Your servant is listening…” That word “listening” is the Hebrew word “azan” and it means to perceive what is being said with the intent to obey it.

So whether you are facing a crisis, a crossroads, or don’t even know what to think about a situation in your life ~ Azan will help you discern how to hear the Lord’s voice in each and every situation. I firmly believe that coupled with a soft heart, the tools and information in this study have the potential to revolutionize your relationship with the Lord and your life!

With 5 days a week of what I like to call “Mommy friendly” homework, plus a weekly DVD teaching time (approx. 20-30 min. each) gives opportunity for a small group of ladies to really connect and grow together without too painful of a commitment. 🙂

There is a Leader’s Guide which I hope will be of help to the most seasoned of Bible study facilitators right down to someone who has never led one before! It includes schedule helps, prayer suggestions, and questions to guide each discussion time. The answers to the teaching sessions are already filled in for you! Bless you for leading!

The Study Guide is for each participant. It contains helpful quotes and fill-in-the-blank sheets for use during the teaching sessions.

The Leader’s Guide and Study Guide links will be emailed upon purchase. The Leader’s Guide and Study Guide materials are able to be reproduced as needed.

All resources other than the actual book are FREE! I would love some reviews in return and can be contacted at or through this site.

Thank you!





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