I was watching a “Smarter Everyday” video with my kiddos about archery. The well-known archer in this video reminded me of the mighty men who could split a hair breadth with their sling shots. (See Judges 20:16) Wow! This guy (with a “primitive” long bow) hit an aspirin, not just sitting on a stump, but with it having been THROWN in the air! As amazing as that was, the spiritual lesson came in what he said as the “reason” for his accuracy…even with such a seemingly impossible target. He said,

“The middle of an aspirin is the same size as the middle of a beach ball.”

Meaning, the bullseye is the same size no matter the size of the object he was trying to hit. Ready for the spiritual truth I felt like the Holy Spirit revealed to me?

The same is true when combatting lies of the enemy. It doesn’t matter if the lie is the size of an elephant in your life, or just big enough to make your soul feel “out-of-whack”…all you need is one Holy Spirit directed truth to take it down. Some of the biggest lies I have ever believed were taken out with just one verse of revelation by the Holy Spirit. Our accuracy to these battles will increase greatly as we learn to hear the Lord more and more. For then we rely on Him to give us the verse or verses that will target the lie, not rely on our own understanding of what is going on.

The most encouraging thing to remember is that the size of the lie matters not-only the accuracy of the truth that you shoot at it. It could be something that has bound your soul for years-may it only take one quiet time of asking the Lord to show you the truth to fire at it!

I will pray that the size will not intimidate you anymore…only that you will believe the truth the Holy Spirit spoke to you about it is enough for any target…it’s all about the bullseye accuracy, not the size the enemy has made himself out to be in our lives. And God, my friend, trains our fingers for this very type of war. We can be just as good as those mighty men of valor in our spiritual battles. Go to Him and take out that lie today.

Psalm 37:3


Fingers black with earth

Cultivate the generosity of God.

Seed sown in faith, with truth

Watered with rain sent from abroad.

Heaven’s wisdom opened

Through the plant from seed now grown~

How the fruit is brought from you and I;

A mystery unknown.


Does your faith seem frail and faltering?

Does your fruit seem e’re so long?

Sometimes the plant though lingering,

Brings the most nourishment of all.


Seed so small and inconspicuous

Die to yourself in earth,

For great will be your glory

From the Master’s finished work.


“Trust in the Lord and do good; Dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness.” Psalm 37:3


Nothing received, nothing to give.

What truth that we can do nothing apart from Christ! Yet we try. And we try. And we get bitter at the trying…Jesus didn’t even ask the disciples to do anything¬†until they had waited. For what? For the power from on high to endue them with the stuff they needed on the inside to do the work on the outside. (See Acts 2)

It didn’t stop there! There at Pentecost they were filled with the power to declare the glory of God to the nations gathered in Jerusalem, but they were back again needing the Holy Spirit’s power around the corner in Acts 3 and 4. They needed the power of God to do everything they were doing! They needed the Holy Spirit to empower them to boldly speak the name of Jesus in the midst of persecution (Acts 4:23-31) and to understand what was going on behind the scenes (Acts 5:1-2).

Are you feeling weary and heavy laden? How long has it been that you have truly communed and been on your face before your God? Where is your power coming from today? Wait in your spirit (even if you have to keep moving on the outside) for the power from on high. For we can do nothing without it but wear ourselves out. And a day of rest does us no good if Jesus Himself has not come in, lifted our load and refreshed us. May He lead you beside still waters today and may you be endued with power from on high for whatever God brings into your path tomorrow. Just remember, we cannot do anything apart from Christ ~ and to get back into the power of the vine is only a prayer away.

Workshop: Women With the Gift of Teaching

A workshop for women with the gift of teaching is coming to Post Falls in July!

This all came about when I was asking the Lord what my next “project” was supposed to be and I felt like He said, “Why not train women in the gift and with the tools that you have been trained in?” Novel, I know. 30 minutes later, I had it. The schedule, the outline, the topics…Now all I need is someone to teach it to! I would love for you to come and meet other women in our area (all my out of state friends, I promise it is like Paradise here in the summers, you should come too!) who have similar desires and callings! The day ends with a twist of not me speaking, but YOU! There is nothing like good ol’ practice when it comes to getting up in front of people and we need to hear what the Lord speaks to you as you study the mystery passage to be given out at the beginning of the workshop.

I do hope it is a day that “fans your gift into flame” as Paul told Timothy to do. I can’t wait to encourage each other!

Hope to see you there.

In Him,


P.S. Please see Flyer below for more details!