“And the name of the second child he called Ephraim: For God hath caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction.” Genesis 41:52

Have we looked for the little miracles of God in the land of our affliction? Do we see how it, when we allow it to have its work, produces the fruit of righteousness in our lives?

Are you more patient with the timing of God?

Do things that caused you angst last year, cause a faith to rise up in you today?

Beloved, God did these things in us ~ in the “land of our affliction.” That is where Joseph learned all that he needed to know before being put second in command to save an entire nation of people. He stayed faithful and God blessed him for it. In fact, Joseph remained so faithful and so submissive to God’s plan that he could actually praise Him by naming his son something that would cause him to remember this truth for the rest of his life.

Joseph would look at his son, call his name, and remember “even in my land of affliction…even here…God has caused me to be fruitful.” But we are not looking first for a change of circumstance (although I believe with all my heart we can pray hard for such things), but we are looking first for the fruit that comes from surrendering to God in our affliction. The peace and rest and maturity that can come, sometimes ONLY come, from that bittersweet land.

Ask the Lord to show you your Ephraim today. That truth which you have learned that you can mark and remember. It will be your Ephraim reminder that even in our land of affliction…God is changing us.

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