For the love of one…

There may be in us a great longing for doing great things and those longings are God-given. We read the Scriptures and see the amazing boldness of the disciples of the first century church. We read the books handed down through the centuries of people like Amy Carmichael, John Bunyan, Andrew Murray, and Corrie Ten Boom and something gets stirred up in us. We want to know that our lives are being spent for the Kingdom of God and for the cause of Christ in a way that makes a difference.

I have lofty goals of how I want to be used by God. I believe they are in alignment with what He has asked me to do. But I will admit that my heart has, in the past few years, come to beat the most passionately for the “one”. The one person that I can walk with ~ one that I may be just a few steps ahead of in the faith ~ and mentor them with all I have to offer until I have offered all I have. The Apostle Paul did this. He would stay with some groups of Christians for a few weeks…some he would stay with for a few years. Until he felt released to move on; until he declared to them the whole counsel of God; he would not leave their side. He mentored them until they were walking steadily on their own.

Have you someone you are mentoring? Is there one who comes to mind who is hungry for more of God and just a few steps behind you in the faith? Maybe it is someone from your last Bible study that you just sensed really wanted fellowship. Someone who really wanted to go deeper in their relationship with God and others. Might you be just the person to take them under your wing, so to speak, and give them all you’ve got to offer from the storehouse of what God has deposited into you? The love for the “one” is something caught when you watch someone blossom from “new in the faith” to being used in other’s lives…all because you were available to live life alongside them for a while. If someone came to mind, pray and ask God for an open door to begin a more intentional relationship of mentorship with them.

Relationships are as deep as the time and vulnerability afforded to make them so. There is someone who needs what you have to offer as a follower of Jesus. There is something you need from that someone too. What I have seen take place in myself and the people who God has placed around me (and some as a mentor over) eclipses the desire to “do great things” in the way I used to think of them. The love for the one is the greater thing.

I first called this blog “A Leader’s Love” because my heart goes out to those who lead and desire to be used of God in such a way that the passion for the “one” may be overshadowed by the passion for the masses. There is absolutely a time and place for larger group Bible studies and corporate prayer and worship. I teach and participate in each of these on a regular basis. Yet, I would have to guess that if the disciples could look back over what changed them the most (after the resurrection when they really got it!), it would have to be the fact that they practically lived with Jesus for three years. That was it. Just being around someone filled with the Holy Spirit is bound to have an impact on a thirsty soul after a while. They watched Him do life. (Yes, perfectly, I might add.) 😉 They listened to Him speak. (And He only spoke what the Father told Him to.) They watched Him die, marred more than any man…for their sins. Then they saw Him alive again! Hallelujah! But how do you think they modeled the way they did life after that?

They modeled what they saw in Jesus.

Someone needs to have you model your walk with Christ to them. Let them into your life; ask them if you may come into theirs. I guarantee both of you will be changed. But mentoring is not for the faint of heart. There will be ups and downs (just read the Gospels!); there will be the mundane and then the excitement of something new you each are learning…but all is necessary. All the small will add up to something beautiful when you leave the 99 and go after the 1.



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