Some days I feel so strong.

Some days I dive like a little girl into the shadow of His wings.

My emotions can fight to take over my faith. My circumstances can press me to lose my joy. But I bury my face in my Savior’s lap and He counts my every tear. I consciously choose to fight back so my wild thoughts don’t get a foothold. I go to God’s Word searching for peace and a word to stand on in the midst of my battle. When I don’t find it right away, I come back again…and again.

I will not give up.

If I seek Him, I will find Him~when I seek Him with all my heart.

Even in the midst of great joy there can be sorrow. Yet no ounce of our pain is unnoticed or brushed off by our God. Others should not have the burden of trying to understand every nuance of attack against us although there is a time to join shields and have each other’s backs. Sometimes He is the only One to Whom you can go…and He is enough.

He is a refuge of continual hiding; He is our strength when the battle is long. He is the Rock when we are still waiting for an answer; He satisfies in deep disappointment.

Run under His wings! Let His feathers shelter you and bring you close. You are not meant to face everything head-on. This may be one to just collapse in His arms and let Him fight for you. So wait, I say, wait upon the Lord. Your enemy may be too strong for you right now. Hide in Him. Shield your heart…cover your ears to the lies. He will rise up and take up your case. You will see, with satisfaction, your enemy as His footstool~and your enemy is not flesh and blood.

In the moments of strength, wield your sword and swing it with all you’ve got. But there is no shame in running into the Strong Tower of Jesus when you feel frail. No shame. Run into Him and be saved from the battle waging outside. You will once again stand strong. Joy will once again be yours and the sound of praise will again be on your lips.

Stay and watch the salvation of the Lord on your behalf as you call upon Him.

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