I Quit

I quit my job today.

I no longer want to be under a boss that I can never measure up to.

One with a task list that I can never seem to meet.

A boss who doesn’t seem to notice the things that get done, but never ceases to remind me of the things left to do.

A boss that never gives me a break, makes me feel guilty for not working even when I am dead-dog tired, and tells me rest is selfish.

It’s the boss who compares me to others, who makes me forget people are more important than projects, and pushes for the “bottom line” instead of character.

I quit the tenuous task of trying to measure up. Of trying to be one step ahead. Of trying not to be discouraged when something I poured my heart into turns out to be too late. Too small…not enough.

The Bible says I cannot serve two masters. That I will hate the one and love the other. I think I have strayed from the Master I love and somehow started working for the master that I hate.

If Jesus said, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light,” then surely He meant it. Surely it’s true. Maybe I just didn’t realize who I had started working for. Cause this yoke is not easy and this burden is not light. So, today, I quit.

I work for Jesus now.

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