The Garden of the Soul

Have you been called to be a sower of God’s Word [specifically] into someone else’s life at this season? In order to plant seeds of truth into someone’s heart, the gloves must come off, for planting is delicate work. It is hard to do with covered hands. When the hands become uncovered; they are sure to get dirty. Yet, this is the work of the sower and self-protection is not the focus in times like these. Every part of us must now available for the Lord to use in that person’s life. Every blessing, any heartache, any failure…

What an intimate place to be. What careful planning is needed. What thoughtfulness of the spacing and depth of truth we are to plant in their minds. Though the seed be small, the hope for harvest is sure when placed precisely by the Holy Spirit through us. Souls are dirty but the dirt is not a deterrent ~ it is necessary for growth. The willingness of our hands to really reach into the soul of another with the truth is labor intensive. It is slow at times. Some seed can be scattered while others can be planted only one at a time ~ methodically and individually. Sure we can give the work to others. We can leave it to be done by the “machine” of the church and hope they don’t slip through the cracks…but what is more fruitful than a personal, hand-planted garden? All types of godly sowing are needed at all times in the world, but if you are called to a smaller picture right now this hand-planting may be what it looks like for you right now. Personal, hand-planted gardens may be smaller than a large field of a single crop, but it can be so varied in production!

The seed is the Word of God. The sower is you. Be encouraged that, “He (she) who sows generously will also reap generously.” (2 Corinthians 9:6) So take the Word of God, be sober-minded, ready in every conversation, to touch the soil of another’s heart by gently placing the truth there. May God allow you the joy of seeing that planting, that work, that sowing ~ to come full circle in that person’s life. May you be given the blessing of enjoying the fruit of righteousness in their life…the fruit that you helped plant. You do not labor in vain. Ever. Keep planting.







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