“Declare His faithfulness at night…”

Our circumstances are not always an immediate indication of God’s faithfulness. He is being faithful whether we think He is or not. He has held this earth, this universe, and you and I together with the breath of His mouth for this entire day. The sun rose this morning. It set again this evening. Most of us did not have one thought about what we were going to eat for lunch…whether we would have enough water to give our children or ourselves. We did not fear parasites in it when we drank. We do not fear (here in America) being crucified or brutalized for our faith. Not that people who are going through those things are not experiencing God’s faithfulness. They are. Some of the believers going through those things are experiencing more of God than I ever may. He is not far from them. Jesus took that curse of being forsaken upon Himself when He cried out with my sin on His shoulders, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?!” We are not forsaken and whatever today brought into our lives, or out of our lives ~ God is faithful. He is faithful in a good way. Even when the things we are facing are not good. Lord willing, we will awaken tomorrow and experience His faithfulness all over again. Yet some of us are not experiencing it because we don’t believe He is being faithful to us. We really believe in our hearts that He has forgotten our heart’s desires. That He doesn’t care and actually wants to withhold Himself and His blessings from heaven.

That very sinful mindset may be the reason we are not seeing the ways He is currently being faithful.

For how can we see clearly when there is negative goop in our hearts that clogs our ability to “see God?” Blessed are the pure in heart…for they shall see God.

The pure in heart. The ones who do not waver in their faith even when the storms hit. The ones who beg for God to keep their hearts from being calloused over by the deceitfulness of sin. The ones who choose to believe Who God is compared to the “thing” they are going through. Those people will feast on His faithfulness even in the midst of adversity. Even in the midst of tragedy. Those who have trained their minds to be controlled by truth and who pray and read His Word when they find they cannot. It is satan’s slippery slope of temptation for us to believe the lie that God is not being faithful to us. That is why the scriptures tell us to declare it every night. Look back on today and remember the big and the little things that God was faithful in. They are there. Ask Him to show you! List them to yourself and to Him. Let Him know that you see how He took care of you and thank Him for it. And, dear one, He is able to be faithful again tomorrow. His Word says that He will be our guide until the end. Don’t let the worries of this world choke out the joy of recognizing with thankfulness the God Who accomplishes all things for us. Sorrow will end. Until then, take time this evening to declare His faithfulness.


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